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2231 California St. NW #603, Washington, DC 20008
Phone: 202-483-6167

Founded in 1984, Woods Institute specializes in offering courses on US government operations in Washington DC. We host professional training sessions in Washington DC and across the country explaining how government operations in the Nation’s Capital affect the professional life of Federal Agency employees, businesses and concerned US citizens. With almost 30 years of experience teaching and organizing courses, we are experts at clearly and concisely explaining the legislative and budget formulation processes on Capitol Hill that directly impact your interests. Unlike other civic education organizations, Woods Institute’s size and training specialization allows us to tailor each course we offer to specifically meet our clients’ needs and professional interests. We ensure that our seminars feature speakers that have direct experience working with the federal agencies or businesses most closely associated with course participants.Woods Institute has a strong relationship with Public Lands and Natural Resources agencies within the Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture. 

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