The election results are in. In the executive branch, a new administration
will bring with it new cabinet secretaries and political appointees who will serve to
deliver the agenda for a Republican administration. President-elect Trump does not
seem to be focused on climate change, natural resources or the environment, but
the debate over these issues and the future of the federal public lands will increase.

Government employees and American citizens in general must know about
the legislative and budget processes on Capitol Hill that affect their agencies,
issues, and programs given the austere fiscal climate. Knowledge of these
processes will provide participants with the tools to effectively implement federal
policy in the field.

Knowledge is power in the policy process arena. The professionalism and
expertise of government agency field staff and informed citizens are critical parts
of the policy process. Active citizens and government civil servants are the
programmatic experts for their programs. Clear communication between federal
employees and citizens from outside the Washington, DC area with Members of
Congress and their staffs is vital for meaningful policy and budget implementation.

For over 30 years, Woods Institute has provided you with the most up-to-date
information on the election results and their impact on your agency, including:

• Power centers on Capitol Hill
• The congressional committee hearing process
• The executive formulation of a budget request
• The congressional budget process
• How to Work with Congressional Staff: “Get to Know Them before You Need
• Key Players in the New Administration

We are offering webinars in 2017 for your leadership team or other meetings as
another way to deliver this information, with an option for individual and group
rates (negotiable).

2016 Election Results Webinar