The Federal Budget Process

This course contains basic information on how the budget process unfolds each year in Washington and how you as a citizen can play a part. The more you know and understand the process, the more you can make your lawmakers accountable for your tax dollars. How a nation spends its money says a great deal about its values as a culture and a society. 
Course sessions include: 

• The President, Congress, and the National Budget Leadership and Power Centers in the Current Congress 

• Appropriations vs. Legislative Process 

• The Budget Process Formulation in the Executive Branch and

  The Role of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) 

• The Role of the Congressional Budget Office 

• The Congressional Appropriations Process 

• Current Budget Request: Where the Money Comes From and Where the Money Goes 

• A Congress Member’s Perspective on Budget 

• Attendance at Congressional Hearings (in person or via CSPAN). 

Budget Hearings occur from February to May. If course runs during this period, participants may be able to view Budget and Appropriation Hearings in person or via CSPAN. 

All sessions are led by Dr. Woods or guest speakers including Members of Congress and their staffs, elected state and local officials, journalists, and government scholars.