Four-Day Congressional Briefing

Woods Institute’s four day off-the-shelf Congressional Briefing in Washington, DC is a comprehensive congressional training course crafted for natural resources and public lands federal agency employees. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts on a broad range of interests that affect executive agencies concerned with the keeping of our federal lands. 

The briefing offers federal employees with a thorough understanding of the congressional legislative and budget processes. Speakers include Members of Congress and their staff, journalists, government scholars, and NGO and industry lobbyists who focus on natural resources and public lands. Participants will also have the opportunity to see lawmakers in action through attendance at committee hearings and House and Senate debate, and will gain an understanding of the impact of interest groups, the media, and the President on legislative operations. The course is tailored to the needs of the participants. Course sessions will likely include, among others: 

• Leadership and Power Circles in the Current Congress 

• The Changing Nature of Congressional Power 

• The Hearing Process in the current Congress 

• The Press in Washington, D.C. 

• Attendance at Committee Hearings and House/Senate Galleries 

• The Role of Congressional Staff (personal and committee) 

• Overview of Congressional Appropriations process 

• Interest Groups on Capitol Hill 

• The Congressional Budget Process and budget formulation in the Executive Branch 

• The President, Congress and the National Budget: an overview of US political History 

• Perspectives on the current Congress 

Our four-day course includes the option of up to four continental breakfasts and afternoon snacks, plus Woods Institute publications about congressional operations. Counties and seven years as a staff member in the Louisiana State Legislature. Dr. Woods has since remained actively engaged in US politics across the United States.