"How Congress Works" Briefing

Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the executive and legislative processes of our federal government through the following sessions: 

•Introduction and Overview on the function of Government and Congress 

• The Changing Nature of Congressional Power 

• Leadership and Power Centers in the Current Congress 

• Perspectives on the Current Congress 

• The Role of Congressional Staff Interest Groups and Capitol Hill 

• The President and the Executive Branch 

• The President (Executive Branch) and Congress 

• An Overview of the Congressional Budget and Appropriations Processes 

• The Congressional Budget Process Formulation in the Executive Branch 

• Preparation for Attendance at Committee Hearings 

• Attendance at Congressional Hearings (in person or via CSPAN). 

All sessions are led by Dr. Woods or guest speakers including Members of Congress and their staffs, elected state and local officials, journalists, and government scholars.